Introductory article: see Local planning proposals within the Localism Bill

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Footbridge and Weir

36 areas announced as the next wave of 'front-runners' to test out neighbourhood planning, bringing the total to 126 across the country, 31 August [1]

St Mary Redcliffe and Redcliffe Parade from dockside

40 communities - a mix of cities, urban and rural areas - to join 50 other communities already trialling neighbourhood planning, a new right being introduced in the Localism Bill, 2 June [2]

Shanty town, Leyton

Allotments: neighbourhood planning powers currently being trailed across the country will provide communities with a means to boost the number of sites with powers to protect existing allotments and identify new plots, say government, 7 May [3] In addition requirements for councils to provide allotments will be safeguarded as part of a wider review into reducing statutory burdens on local authorities. topic

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Neighborhood planning W, Note: article may seem not yet to cover latest UK developments, eg process as described 11:04, June 6, 2011 (UTC) does not appear to recognise sufficient Community involvement

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