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Grants for City Based Groups Edit

Nottinghamshire Community Foundation administers the Neighbourhood Renewal Single Community Programme for Nottingham. This fund offers grants of up to £5,000 for new or additional activities that contribute towards Neighbourhood Renewal. A wide range of activities and projects can be funded under the following themes -

Building management and organisational skills This could involve buying training or resources to help your group operate more effectively - like ICT equipment and training, consultancy to help your group develop a sustainable funding strategy or business plan, a training course for your management committee, conference fees etc.

Encouraging greater involvement in community activities This could include: Community festivals, events or surveys, newsletters, community activities or hiring interpreters and translating documents. It could also provide start up costs for new groups or relaunch costs for groups that need a fresh start.

Improving neighbourhoods This could include work like: Upgrading a kitchen or access/toilet facilities in a community building, improving a local open space, allotment projects, recycling schemes etc.

Helping black and minority ethnic (BME) communities to explore their history and promote racial harmony and social cohesion This could support projects like: Intergenerational activities, oral history projects, Research and publication or Cultural activities.

Supporting any other activity that measurably contributes to the regeneration of communities.

You don’t need to be a registered charity to be eligible and new groups are welcome to apply. Your group must have a constitution and an Equal Opportunities Policy or Statement and be based or working in the Nottingham City Area. (You can get help with constitutions and policies if you don't already have them).

You can get help with your application – from an initial discussion of your ideas to help in drawing up your project budget and completing the application form. The application process is very straightforward and you should get your decision in just 8 – 12 weeks.

To find out more call Cathy White at Nottingham Community Network on 0115 934 8426

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