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After GM Food - here comes Nano Food!
The ETC Group (an international research and advocacy organisation) has called for an urgent public debate about the use of Nanotechnology in food and agriculture recommending that unassessed nano-foods and pesticides be removed from the market. In a new sixty page report, "Down on the Farm", ETC Group offers the first comprehensive look at how nano-scale technologies will transform farming, food and agriculture.

Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of matter at the scale of atoms and molecules, where size is measured in billionths of metres and quantum physics determines how a substance behaves. According to Hope Shand, ETC Group’s Research Director, Over the next two decades, technologies converging at the nano-scale will have a greater impact on farmers and food than farm mechanisation or the Green Revolution. Most consumers and farmers are still unaware and have never been asked whether they want these changes to the food chain.

Down on the Farm: The Impact of Nano-Scale Technologies on Food and Agriculture is now available on the ETC Group web site

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