The NHS Sustainable Development Unit was established on April1st 2008 by the Office of the SHAs (Strategic Health Authorities) in England.

Role of the unit Edit

The roles of the unit are to

a) to be a source of leadership, expertise and guidance concerning sustainable development to all NHS organisations in England.

b) raise awareness across the NHS as to the important responsibilities of, and actions for, the NHS regarding sustainable development and climate change. This includes promoting a culture of measurement and management which underpins carbon governance.

c) help shape NHS policy, locally, nationally and internationally that makes promoting sustainable development and adapting to and mitigating climate change as easy as possible for every NHS organisation.

d) ensure the very best practice and innovations on sustainability in the NHS and elsewhere are evaluated and costed and the mechanisms for implementation are made fully available to other NHS organisations.

e) work in partnership with the NHS, government, industry and the third sector to achieve the above.

The unit is run under the auspices of the Office of the SHAs (OSHA) on behalf of the SHA Chief Executives. It is hosted by the Strategic Health Authority in the East of England in Fulbourn, Cambridge. The Accountability of the Unit is through the CEO, Neil McKay and to the CEO of the NHS, David Nicholson. [1]

Random facts Edit

The NHS is responsible for over 18 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and is the largest public sector contributor to climate change. This includes energy used for power and heating in buildings, and also takes into account the journeys that the NHS generates and the carbon emitted in the manufacture of the products bought and used by the NHS. Source: Department of Health, May 29 2008

External link Edit

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  1. Department of Health, May 29 2008

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