The Manitoba Eco-Network is an environmental, non-governmental organization, and registered charity located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Manitoba Eco-Network is a network for approximately 50 environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGO's) throughout the province. It is a regional affiliate of the Canadian Environmental Network, based in Ottawa. The organization provides networking services to member groups and information and referral services to government, media, and the public. The organization publishes the Eco-Journal five times per year, which features articles about Manitoba's environmental issues. Current projects include the Climate Change Connection, an initiative to provide public education and outreach to Manitobans, a Water Caucus, that brings together Manitoba's environmental groups with an interest in water issues, a GIS/Mapping Centre, which provides GIS and mapping services to environmental projects, Organic Lawn Care Education, providing workshops on chemical-free lawn care practices, and a public library of environmental information. In addition, the library is a public registry for development proposals in the Province of Manitoba. The Eco-Network provides a wide number of services and educational opportunities for the member groups and for the general public.

The Manitoba Eco-Network does not lobby and is non-partisan. The member groups may or may not lobby government, or participate in government consultations. The Steering Committee of the organization is elected at the Annual General Meeting and is composed of representatives of member groups and one or two individual members. Funding is provided by The Government of Manitoba, The Government of Canada, various foundations and granting agencies, membership fees, donations, and through fund raising events.

Some supporters of the Manitoba Eco-NetworkEdit

Core FundingEdit

  • Manitoba Conservation
  • Environment Canada / Canadian Environmental Network
  • The City of Winnipeg Employees Charitable Fund
  • The United Way Donor Designated Gifts Campaign
  • Province of Manitoba All Charities Campaign

Climate Change ConnectionEdit

  • Federal Climate Change Action Fund (Natural Resources Canada/Environment Canada)
  • Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund (Manitoba Energy, Science & Technology)
  • Manitoba Hydro PowerSmart
  • Eco-Action, Environment Canada
  • The Winnipeg Foundation

GIS Mapping Centre ProjectEdit

  • George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation
  • The Winnipeg Foundation
  • Sustainable Development Innovations Fund
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute
  • The Thomas Sill Foundation
  • Canadian Council for Human Resources

Organic Lawn Care ProjectEdit

  • Province of Manitoba Urban Green Team
  • City of Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg Public Library

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