A Low-Carbon Economy (LCE) or Low Fossil Fuel Economy (LFFE)is a concept that refers to an Economy which has a minimal output of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions into the biosphere, but specifically refers to the greenhouse gas Carbon Dioxide. Recently, most of scientific and public opinion has come to the conclusion there is such an accumulation of GHGs (especially CO2) in the atmosphere due to anthropogenic causes, that the climate is changing. The over-concentrations of these gases is fundamentally changing the climate, which will impact humanity in the foreseeable future. Globally implemented LCE's therefore, are proposed as a means to avoid catastrophic climate change, and as a precursor to an ideal, zero carbon society.

Some nations are low carbon - societies which are not heavily industrialised or populated. In order to avoid climate change at any point in the future, all nations considered carbon intensive societies and societies which are heavily populated, should become zero carbon societies. Several of these countries have pledged to become 'low carbon' but not entirely zero carbon, and claim that emissions will be cut by 100% by offsetting emissions rather than ceasing all emissions - carbon neutrality. In other words, some emitting will continue which will be offset.

Nations seek to become low-carbon economies as a part of a national global warming mitigation strategy.[1]

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