2tackle #climate ch <is what2broadcast best? Engage withwhom?how? leads2 (better?) codesign/coproduction? @davidwilcox @RSAMatthew @futerra

  • @davidwilcox @RSAMatthew <tackling #climate change <topdown wrong option, includes if Gr Alliance, RSA or anyone else
  • @davidwilcox @RSAMatthew <tackling #climate ch < bottomup/td often seen as oppositnl, isitposs 2build trust in mutual/statusfree engagement? [1] topic

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  • Government announces £3m to support 9 local authorities develop local carbon framework, 28 January [3]
  • Four community groups to receive a share of £1 million Big Green Challenge Fund, 14/01/10 [4]

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