• Government urged to introduce local carbon budgets, FoE, 26 November [2] topic
  • "This competition model is not the way forward, and is a huge missed opportunity. It does not ‘help communities to act together’, it means that community groups use huge amounts of time and energy going through a convoluted application process where they are pitched against other equally noble community groups, and the vast majority of them end up losing out and feeling embittered by the whole thing (that was certainly many peoples’ experience of Big Green Challenge). Something more like the Local Food Fund would have been a far better model. 2 out of 10." Rob Hopkins, The Role of Communities, A Transition Take on the UK Low Carbon Transition Plan, July 17 [3] topic, topic
  • Low Carbon Transition Plan a missed opportunity to involve all communities, as Local Agenda 21 offered, not just a few pilots, Philralph @sca21 17:58, 15 July 2009 (UTC) topic

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  • Liverpool, Knowsley, St Helens, Wirral, Sefton, Halton councils pldege to create a low carbon economy, September 15 [5] "The low carbon pledge - sees councils setting goals to become energy self sufficient and a net energy exporter by 2030 with the aim of becoming the biggest low carbon goods and services city-region economy in UK. As part of this partners aim to increase the current 9,000 people directly employed in the environmental technologies sector to 15,000 by 2015. The Smarter Choices programme will support the Low Carbon Economy through a transport network that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and tackles climate change." place
  • Government announce a consultation which includes "Local authorities tackling climate change", July 21 [7] "The Government wants a debate on whether the idea of local carbon budgets could work for local authorities and what this might mean, building on their current responsibilities for planning, transport, building control and waste management." The consultation concerns include "ensuring councils have the powers and responsibilities they need to tackle climate change" "In setting out its carbon budgets, and policies and proposals to meet them, the Government is presenting a national routemap for the changes we need to make. For this to take root, it will need to be driven in every community across the country. We believe that people should increasingly be able to look to their local authority not only to provide established services, but also to co-ordinate, tailor and drive the development of a low carbon economy in their area, and in a way that suits their preferences. The consent built through a strong and vibrant local debate of the choices we face will be essential to make the change a success. And in setting out their ambitions for carbon, where there are clear local plans with local support, the Government would support the goal of going beyond national targets on carbon." [8] topic

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