• Government's Low Carbon Buildings Programme has been "an unmitigated disaster", FoE, March 31 [1] topic


  • New Start editorial November 1 2006, The legacy of mining has frequently been benefit dependency, heroin addiction, and negative equity. It has taken concerted efforts by regeneration agencies to begin to restore hope.

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  • 'Community energy: urban planning for a low carbon future’, guide published by Town and Country Planning Association, March 31 [3] topic
  • Aspiration for non-domestic buildings such as offices and shops to be zero carbon from 2019. The details and timeline will be subject to consultation later this year. The chancellor has also announced his ambition for all public service buildings to be zero carbon from 2018. March 12 [4]
  • Carbon savings from councils encouraging local people to turn to their website for routine transactions are significantly in excess of the negative impact of extra IT server capacity. Savings nationally could come to over 14,000 tonnes of CO2 or 5,362 return air flights from Heathrow to Malaga each year. Communities and Local Government, January 17 2008 [5] topic


Village cinema UK Edit

Fair Shares, Fair Choice Promo, March 21, 2007, about 6 mins. / South West England
Fair Shares, Fair Choice Promo06:14

Fair Shares, Fair Choice Promo


  • December 11 2006 - Phase 2 of the DTI's Low Carbon Buildings Programme opens. DTI news

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