45px-Chess l45.svg This page is not currently being maintained (may also apply to similar pages eg for other dates). Feel free to reactivate or redesign. Currently active similar pages include Diary international and Diary pages by placeLow carbon calendar articles are diary pages which focus on low carbon or climate change related events

2006 Edit

February 2006 Edit

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2007 Edit


February 2007 Edit

  • 1 5 minutes of respite for planet - Everybody is requested to dim his/her lights for five minutes between 7.55pm and 8.00pm. This is not only to save energy for five minutes, but to bring out a message that will attract the attention of politicians. L'ALLIANCE pour la planète / France
Panthera tigris tigris1

March 2007 Edit

  • 21 1day is a call to every person to take one day off and make the smallest possible carbon footprint.

April 2007 Edit

May 2007 Edit

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August 2007 Edit

September 2007 Edit

October 2007 Edit

November 2007 Edit

December 2007 Edit

Low C calendar - 2009 - 2008 - 2006-2007 / Climate change, Low carbon communities‎


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