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UK carbon emissions: where do they come from and how have they changed? 7 February 2012 [1] topic, topic

River Oich at Loch Ness - Fort Augustus - Scotland

Emissions fell in Scotland by 7% in 2009, mainly due to the impact of the recession and a reduction in economic output. Emissions are however likely to have risen in 2010, as a result of the cold temperatures at the start and end of 2010, and due to increased economic activity. 31 January [2] topic

Ringstead and White Nothe

Ramblers rejoice as first stretch of coast path becomes a reality, 26 January [3] topic, place


16 pubs closing every week. Government needs to do more to protect ‘community pubs’, ippr, 24 Jan 2012 [4] topic

Bestest seat in the house 8672

Climate Change Risk Assessment "compelling evidence.. of the need to increase our resilience." Government announce National Adaptation Programme, 26 January [5] topic

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"Participation is ranked 3rd (out of 97) and is well supported across all organisational types. Given the prominence of this concept, turning it into meaningful initiatives and outcomes in the Rio process will be vital." Rio+20: Analysis of Zero Draft Submissions, January 2012 [1]

Henderson Waves, Singapore

The Greening of Singapore, 14 January [2]

Cheser Zoo, England

Jane Goodall Institute: Saving Trees and Chimpanzees While Improving Health, 1/11/12 [3] topic


Rio 2012 - Zero draft of the outcome document published, January 2012 [4]

Sunset at the rowing pond

World cities say: 'Hear us!', New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg champions a major role for cities at Rio+20, Jan. 03 [5]

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June 2009

  • Government to make available £5 million over two years to improve cycling storage facilities at up to ten major railway stations nationwide, including in London, June 24 [1]
  • London's Cycle Superhighways - First two routes unveiled, June 5 [2] The first two Cycle Superhighways are planned for delivery in May 2010 and will run along the following routes: For the South Wimbledon to Bank route: A24, A3 and Southwark Bridge Road passing through the boroughs of Merton, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark and City of London. For the Barking to Tower Hill route: A13, Poplar High Street, Narrow Street and Cable Street passing through the boroughs of Barking and Dagenham, Newham, Tower Hamlets and City of London.

May 2009

  • Albert Basin and Elephant and Castle, (London), selected for newly launched climate positive development program, May 19 [3] topic, topic

April 2009

  • Review of the London Plan published for consultation, April 29 [6]
  • Mayor calls on Government to support electric car revolution in the capital, April 8 [7]
  • Green groups launch legal battle against Heathrow expansion, April 7 [8] topic
  • Transport for London (TfL) and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames have joined forces to launch Smarter Travel Richmond, a three year, £4.2million initiative to help people change the way they travel in the borough. The scheme aims to encourage greater use of sustainable travel options, such as walking, cycling or using public transport, as well as reducing traffic congestion and improving the local environment. April 2 [9]

March 2009

  • Mayor of London calls for a revolution in the use of electric cars, March 10 [11] The Mayor has already committed to funding around 100 further electric vehicle charging points by 2012 through Local Implementation Plan settlements. Transport for London will be funding the installation of 75 additional charging points through the 2009/10 LIPs settlement. topic

February 2009

  • London's food 'carbon footprint' revealed in report, February 20 [12] Londoners eat a staggering eight billion meals a year and produce nearly 19 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Capital Growth welcomes British Waterways on board to grow food on London's canals, February 19 [13]
  • First 1500 of Mayor's 10,000 street trees are planted across London, February 12 [14]

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