• Two thirds of Londoners support proposals to charge cars with the highest greenhouse gas emissions £25 a day to drive in the central London congestion charge zone and introduce a zero charge for the lowest emitting vehicles, December 18 [1] topic


  • London 2012 outlines the sustainability framework to drive its plans in the preparation, staging and legacy of the Games in 2012., November 26 [3] topic
  • Mayor opposes Heathrow expansion, November 22 [4] topic
  • Mayor announces ten new hydrogen powered buses will join London's bus fleet by 2010, November 13 [5] topic, topic
  • London’s council leaders approve a Bill that will seek to ban the distribution of free, throw away shopping bags in the capital, November 13 [6] topic


  • Crossrail gets go ahead as funding deal secured, October 5 [8] topic


  • Mayor’s housing proposal "represents a failure in his statutory duty towards the sustainable development of London and neighbouring regions." CPRE, September 20 [9] Comment
  • 38,000 sign up for London's big bike ride - The first Hovis London Freewheel this Sunday (23 September Diary London) is gearing up to be the biggest mass participation bike ride the capital has ever seen. September 17 [10] topic


  • Mayor inviting companies to submit bids to make the Greater London Authority Group's buildings more energy efficient. August 31 [11] This is the first step in taking forward the deal developed by the Clinton Climate Initiative for the C40 cities at the New York Large Cities Climate Summit in May 2007, to cut carbon emissions by making existing buildings more energy efficient. Large Cities Climate Leadership Group
  • Mayor asks Transport for London to examine the feasibility of bicycle hire scheme similar to the Vélib' - Freedom bike - hire scheme introduced by the Mayor of Paris, which has enjoyed great success since its launch a few weeks ago, August 9 [12]

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