Kew gardens greenhouse1

Interior of a green house at Kew Gardens, London

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  • The number of trips by bus in London per person per year increased by 28 per cent while trips by bus outside London fell by 13 per cent. Source: Department for Transport - National Travel Survey: 2005. Transport 2000 press release

Carbon footprint

  • London's commercial and public sector buildings alone produce around 15 million tonnes of CO2 per year and account for 33 per cent of total London emissions. Source: GLA [1]


  • Transport for London has installed 10,000 cycling parking spaces across the capital in the past two years, August 9 2007. Source: GLA [2]
  • The number of cyclists on London’s major roads has increased by 72 per cent since 2000. Source: Mayor of London, 4-9-2006, Research for Transport for London

Green cities

  • Two thirds of London’s land area is made up of green spaces and water and London’s private gardens make up 20 per cent of London’s land area. Source: Greater London Authority, November 29 2007

Poverty in London

Tapwater in London

  • London tap water costs less than a tenth of a penny per litre and emits 300 times less CO2 than bottled water alternatives. Source: London On Tap, September 2008

Trees in London

  • Greater London boasts around seven million trees, a quarter of them in woodland covering some eight per cent of the capital’s land area. Although there has been some replanting to replace the 40,000 trees lost in the last five years, one third of London boroughs have still suffered a net loss of street trees. Source: The Woodland Trust, March 12 2008

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  1. Greater London Authority, August 31
  2. GLA, August 9

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