Farmers Market, West Malling, Kent, England

"Localisation has to be the way forward for a Europe that wants more jobs, better social conditions, AND an improved environment, and at the same time a non-exploitative relationship with Eastern Europe and the developing world."
-Caroline Lucas, MEP for the South East of England

A vibrant, diverse local economy is a healthy and resilient economy. Meeting local needs locally can mean less pollution and CO2 emissions from unnecessary transport, as well as providing economic opportunities. Some have tried to argue that this approach is anti-trade. Others contend it is just anti dependence on trade.

Action Ideas Edit

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  • Local directories
  • Local purchasing
  • Car sharing to Pick Your Own or local Farm Shop
  • WI (Women's Institute) markets
  • Green Maps
  • Surveys
  • Local Food Weeks
  • Join your local Freecycle network (give away or collect unwanted yet useful items)
  • Basketmaking, or crafted (non-plastic) shopping bags / Plastic bag
  • "kickstart" actions and more from Radical Relocalization
  • Pub as a hub - see 'wanted pages and external links' below

Diary UK Edit

March 2009

November 2006

  • 23 Parliamentary Private Members’ Ballot. 7 MPs will top the list and they will each then choose a Bill to adopt.Local Works are urging supporters to bombard them with requests to adopt the Sustainable Communities Bill.

Campaigns Edit

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Gutza Wikipedia logo1 Wikipedia

Within Wikipedia the term 'localization' is used for a variety of meanings, but none which seem close to the way in which the term is used here. The closest meaning to 'local needs met locally' appears to be in the following article

Wanted pages and external links

Local needs met locally Img13714 Portal - feeds / UK - news - resources / USA

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