Local Authorities (in the UK) have a duty to prepare Community Strategies for promoting the economic, social and environmental well being of their areas, and so contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in the UK. The recommended way to develop these is by forming Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) made up of representatives of key stakeholder organisations.

Local authorities in receipt of Neighbourhood Renewal funding must set up a LSP to manage it.

It is hoped the sca wiki may be useful to anyone who would like to see more emphasis on sustainable development.

News UK March 2008 Edit

  • "Local Strategic Partnerships or Local Service Boards are not sufficiently local or connected to the community to allow effective community involvement." Community empowerment in practice: lessons from Communities First by Dave Adamson and Richard Bromiley of the University of Glamorgan is published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. March 11 [1]
  • New duty to cooperate comes into legal effect from today, March 4. According to Communities and Local Government [2], under the new duty to cooperate, all key government service providers will have a responsibility to work together to identify regional priorities and shape and change services at a local level.

Criticism Edit

Despite their potential impact on local governance and the implications this could have on the local democratic process (see this study by John Gaventa), LSPs have suffered from a low profile outside (and even inside) those organisations and bodies that are involved. Some find this surprising. Others point out that it may be indicative of their lack of importance at a local level. [3]

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Resources Edit

  • LSP Guide - handy pocket-sized guide for voluntary and community sector from Urban Forum
  • NACVS - article and link to paper on the future of LSPs

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