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Cover of 'Living for Tomorrow' issue 10, Spring 2005

A full colour magazine about sustainability in Nottinghamshire, first published in 2002 and appearing about 3 times a year.

Content is mostly features about organisations and individuals who are taking action in some way, usually on environmental issues, in an attractive layout with lots of photos and side panels with sources of further information. It's 24 pages long and has a print run of 14,000, going out by direct mail and through outlets like dentists and libraries across Nottinghamshire.

It's produced by Nottingham Green Partnership and Nottinghamshire Local Agenda 21 Forum, with funding from these and various other bodies. Contact

Some sample articles from issue 10:

  • Local ice-cream goes down a treat (a Notts farm making its own ice-cream using locally sourced ingredients)
  • British Geological Survey goes green
  • Youngsters learn the 3 Rs - reduce, re-use, recycle - through Notts School Waste Action Club
  • Metals recycling
  • Back to Bikes - the Ridewise cycle training project helping adults to become confident cyclists
  • Hexgreave Hall - converted to a green, high-tech business centre running on wood heat

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