This is an alphabetical list of environmental issues, harmful aspects of human activity on the biophysical environment. As such, they relate to the anthropogenic effects on the natural environment, which are loosely divided into causes, effects and mitigation, noting that effects are interconnected and can cause new effects.

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Air pollutionEnvironmental impact of the coal industryEnvironmental impact of hydraulic fracturingIndoor air qualitySmogTropospheric ozoneVolatile organic compound Atmospheric particulate matter CFCBiological effects of UV exposure
Light pollutionVisual pollution
Noise pollution
Soil pollutionAlkali soilBrownfieldResidual Sodium Carbonate IndexSoil conservationSoil erosionSoil contaminationSoil salinationSuperfundSuperfund sites
Space debrisInterplanetary contamination * Ozone depletion
Water pollutionAcid rainAgricultural runoffAlgal bloomEnvironmental impact of the coal industryEnvironmental impact of hydraulic fracturingEutrophicationFish killGroundwater contaminationGroundwater rechargeMarine debrisMarine pollutionMercury in fishMicroplasticsNutrient pollutionOcean acidificationOcean dumpingocean pollutionOil spillsSoda lakeShip pollutionThermal pollutionUrban runoffWastewater
ConsumerismConsumer capitalismPlanned obsolescenceOver-consumption
FishingBlast fishingBottom trawlingCyanide fishingGhost netsIllegal, unreported and unregulated fishingOverfishingShark finningWhaling
LoggingClearcuttingDeforestationIllegal logging
MiningAcid mine drainageEnvironmental impact of hydraulic fracturingMountaintop removal miningSlurry impoundments
H2O (depletion)Anoxic watersAral SeaCalifornia Water WarsDead SeaLake ChadWater scarcity


EcosystemsAnoxic watersBiodiversityBiosecurityCoral bleachingEdge effectHabitat destructionHabitat fragmentationIn-situ leach
FishingBlast fishingBottom trawlingBy-catchCetacean bycatchGillnettingIllegal, unreported and unregulated fishingEnvironmental effects of fishingMarine pollutionOverfishingWhaling
ForestsClearcuttingDeforestationIllegal logging
Natural resourcesResource depletionExploitation of natural resources
SpeciesEndangered speciesGenetic diversityHabitat destructionHolocene extinctionInvasive speciesPoachingPollinator declineSpecies extinctionThreshold host densityWildlife tradeWildlife disease
Energy conservationEfficient energy use
Renewable energyRenewable energy commercialization

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