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The Large Cities Climate Leadership Group, also known as the C40 Cities (and originally as the C20 Cities) is a group of cities committed to the reduction of urban carbon emissions and adapting to climate change. It believes it has an important role to play as cities contain around 50% of the world's population, consume 75% of the world's energy, and produce 80% per cent of its greenhouse gas emissions.[1]

The group was founded following a meeting of delegations from over 20 cities at the October 2005 World Cities Leadership Climate Change Summit, organised by the Mayor of London, and the Group's secretariat is based in London.

On August 1, 2006 the Group signed a memorandum of understanding with the William J. Clinton Foundation's Climate Initiative[2], under which Clinton Foundation will provide technical and communications support.

The Large Cities Climate Leadership Group held their 2nd summit in New York from May 14-17 2007.[3] Delegations were expected from 45 cities.[4]

News 2007 Edit

  • Mayor inviting companies to submit bids to make the Greater London Authority Group's buildings more energy efficient. August 31 [6] This is the first step in taking forward the deal developed by the Clinton Climate Initiative for the C40 cities at the New York Large Cities Climate Summit in May 2007, to cut carbon emissions by making existing buildings more energy efficient.

Membership Edit

As of May 2007, the members of the Group were as follows. A further 12 cities were affiliated to the group.[7]

Addis Ababa - Bangkok - Beijing - Berlin - Bogotá - Buenos Aires - Cairo - Caracas - Chicago - New Delhi - Dhaka - Hanoi - Houston - Istanbul - Jakarta - Johannesburg - Karachi - Lagos - Lima - London - Los Angeles - Madrid - Melbourne - Mexico City - Moscow - Mumbai - New York City - Paris - Philadelphia - Rio de Janeiro - Rome - São Paulo - Seoul - Shanghai - Sydney - Tokyo - Toronto - Warsaw

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