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Finding local groups Edit

  1. Check our Places, projects and networks listings. For example for groups in England - see listings on the article for each region. The listing focuses on groups who recognise the need for a joined up approach, and active groups that have a web presence. Of course there will be many more including action groups with a narrower focus.
  2. Check with your local council. Is there a Sustainability Forum or Local Agenda 21 group?
  3. The Planet St Helens website includes a listing of Local Agenda 21 links across the UK. Help them keep this list up to date by reporting broken links or sending up-to-date web addresses.

Starting up a local sustainability action group Edit

Also check with your local council if you’d like to start up a group.

  • Do they have an LA21 or sustainability officer?
  • Can they tell you what’s happening in your area already?
  • Would they be willing to help you set up your group?
  • Do they have any other contacts who'd be willing to help?

Social networks Edit

Investigate these (Social network service on Wikipedia) to both discover and build groups. (Section needs expanding)

Further information Edit

There are some useful guides available both online and as printed publications (Special Note: Please remember much, if not all, of this information may be copyright, so do not copy it here! We will develop our own information, to be available under the GDFL, over time)

London 21 Sustainability Network's Project Skill Share section of their website includes extensive information on starting and running a community project for sustainability.

Related topics Edit

Resources Edit

  • ‘How to make your Neighbourhood a better place to live - The Sustainable Communities Handbook’, available as a download via the Encams website

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