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Voluntary organisation "building trust, respect and comnmunity through people of different faiths and beliefs".


Some of the group's achievements:

  • Co-operated with the Lord Mayor of Nottingham to create a multi-faith chaplaincy team.
  • Arranged visits to local places of worship, including discussion evenings and full day pilgrimages where a group has gone to several different faith buildings
  • ‘Faiths in Nottingham’, an exhibition that has visited libraries and schools, and a ‘Faiths File’ leaflet pack giving basic information about nine faiths
  • Planted ten trees in St Mary’s Rest Garden, Bath Street, near the city centre to symbolise faiths working together and benefitting the community
  • A ‘Celebration of Faiths’ event to share the music and dance of different faith traditions
  • Operation Noah, a project bringing young people from three faiths together to look at environmental themes
  • A Prayer Vigil for peace, with 200 people walking between a mosque and church
  • Helped to develop the Religious Education Resource Centre at Bluecoat School, making multi-faith materials available to all Nottinghamshire schools
  • Discussion meetings on a range of topics connected with faith links and social concern
  • Worked with Nottingham City Council on an event to mark National Holocaust Memorial Day

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