• "It is the millions of acts by ordinary people that will eventually make a difference." Hamish McRae

  • "In making any law, our chiefs must always consider three things: the effect of their decision on peace; the effect on the natural world; and the effect on seven generations in the future. We believe that all lawmakers should be required to think this way, that all constitutions should contain these rules. . .. " Carol Jacobs, Cayuga Bear Clan Mother

  • "Think Globally, Act Locally W" Patrick Geddes

  • " IS the new local. Local meaning we really have reached the point — when considering shared assets like the atmosphere — that we’re all in the same neighborhood on a very small planet?" Andrew C. Revkin, Dot Earth blog, April 21, 2010

  • "A shared vision is not an idea. It is not even an important idea such as freedom. It is, rather, a force in people's hearts, a force of impressive power. It may be inspired by an idea, but once it goes further -- if it is compelling enough to acquire the support of more than one person -- then it is no longer an abstraction. It is palpable. People begin to see it as if it exists. Few, if any, forces in human affairs are as powerful as shared vision." Peter Senge

  • "The ‘Web of Life’ is, of course, an ancient idea, which has been used by poets, philosophers, and mystics throughout the ages to convey their sense of the interwovenness and interdependence of all phenomena." Fritjof Capra

  • "Before we finish our breakfast we have come into contact with 2/3rds of the world." Martin Luther King

  • "The challenge for public services is how to enlist users as co-producers and co-designers ...." Charles Leadbeater

  • "But media is actually a triathlon, it 's three different events. People like to consume, but they also like to produce, and they like to share." Clay Shirky at a Web 2.0 conference, April 23, 2008.

  • "We're going to look at every place that a reader or a listener or a viewer or a user has been locked out, has been served up passive or a fixed or a canned experience, and ask ourselves, "If we carve out a little bit of the cognitive surplus and deploy it here, could we make a good thing happen?" And I'm betting the answer is yes." Clay Shirky at a Web 2.0 conference, April 23, 2008.

  • "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." Alice Walker, As quoted in The Best Liberal Quotes Ever : Why the Left is Right (2004) by William P. Martin, p. 173 / Community involvement

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