• "You are, therefore I am" Satish Kumar, Resurgence

  • "Humans are social beings, so it is little surprise that good relationships are one of the most important ingredients for a high quality of life." Robert Putnam

  • "Yet individual initiatives alone do not necessarily help to build strong, healthy communities (although they can free up time that could lead to greater community involvement), nor can they address the structural obstacles to genuine consumer choice the lack of organic produce in the supermarket, for instance. Some critics even argue that, pursued in isolation, individual initiatives can be counterproductive.

    "An "individualization of responsibility", as political and environmental scientist Michael Maniates notes, distracts attention from the role that such institutions as business and government play in perpetuating unhealthy consumption. Moreover, to the extent that individuals see their power residing primarily in their pocketbooks, they may neglect their key roles as parents, educators, community members, and citizens in building a society of well-being." Worldwatch Institute

  • "A chasm is opening between people and mainstream politics. Britain needs a strong movement to campaign for democratic and constitutional reform and tackle some of the more difficult issues regarding engaging citizens in the political process." Peter Facey

  • "Government needs to be at least as good as any other sector in communication, and arguably should set new standards. It ought to be a sensitive and comprehensive listener. It must be an efficient and prompt disseminator of information. It has to answer questions accurately, honestly and completely. It must be accountable for what it does, prepared to explain and defend its decisions but also admit its mistakes." The Phillis Report

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