• "Almost everyone wants to make something of their lives, to promote their own well-being and that of others around them. We all want to ‘live well’, and the basic values -survival, happiness, friendship, self-respect, freedom, a sense of fulfillment and a meaning of life - are at the heart of our flourishing as human beings and as members of society. They are what life is about." Margaret McGee

  • "The idea that the American model of liberal capitalism offers the widest scope for individual opportunity is the great ideological hoax of our times." David Clark

  • "The global destruction of cities and countryside, of human cultures and of nature itself, can only be reversed by a global philosophical, technical, cultural, moral and economic project: by an ecological project." Leon Krier

  • "You can't tell people anything...
    ... Mainly that's about being able to do things without having to explain them first, so that the finished product can be the explanation. I think this will be a major labor saving improvement." Chip Morningstar

  • "Too much has been imposed from above, when experience shows that success depends on communities themselves having the power and taking the responsibility to make things better." Tony Blair

  • "Most people participate in their communities not as part of organised groups, but in doing acts of kindness" Professor Carolyn Kagan, Professor of Community Social Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • "Amid a frenzy of conspicuous consumption, an inconspicuous revolution has been stirring. A growing number of people are seeking a way of life that is more satisfying and sustainable. This quiet revolution is being called by many names, including voluntary simplicity and compassionate living. But whatever its name, its hallmark is a new common sense - namely, that life is too deep and consumerism is too shallow to provide soulful satisfaction." Duane Elgin

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