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Started in response to the loss of traditional orchards and apple varieties, and the wish of members of Avon Organic Group to grow and eat local and organic fruit, this orchard was established by local residents on an overgrown allotment in 1998. The orchard now contains over 100 apple, pear, plum and nut trees plus soft fruit and is a haven for both local people and local wildlife.

The group organises open days, training workshops, and an annual Apple Day celebration in October that brings in more than 300 local people. Orchard members enjoy an agreed share of the harvest, learn specialist fruit-growing skills, and have the pleasure of working and socialising with others in a green oasis in a densely populated area. The wider community benefits through open days and at events - where they can learn about growing fruit using organic methods in ways suited to urban gardens and allotments, and buy local produce. [1]

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