• Campaigners renew calls for 9pm watershed for junk food ads, October 17 [1]

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  • The NHS - Europe's biggest employer - pledges to cut its carbon footprint, May 29 [2]
  • BTCV celebrate a decade of the ‘Green Gym’, February 21 [3]
  • Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives: A Cross Government Strategy for England published, January 23 [4]


  • Our basic biological instincts combined with our modern environment means weight gain becoming inevitable for most people. Only a comprehensive long term strategy will have an impact on the rising trends of obesity, and alignment with other policy goals such as climate change, social inclusion and wellbeing is vital, say Foresight, October 16 [5]


  • Britain now the most obese country in Europe. Sustain, October 10 2006

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