British Airways Boeing 747 contrail

UK carbon emissions: where do they come from and how have they changed? 7 February 2012 [1] topic, topic

River Oich at Loch Ness - Fort Augustus - Scotland

Emissions fell in Scotland by 7% in 2009, mainly due to the impact of the recession and a reduction in economic output. Emissions are however likely to have risen in 2010, as a result of the cold temperatures at the start and end of 2010, and due to increased economic activity. 31 January [2] topic

Ringstead and White Nothe

Ramblers rejoice as first stretch of coast path becomes a reality, 26 January [3] topic, place


16 pubs closing every week. Government needs to do more to protect ‘community pubs’, ippr, 24 Jan 2012 [4] topic

Bestest seat in the house 8672

Climate Change Risk Assessment "compelling evidence.. of the need to increase our resilience." Government announce National Adaptation Programme, 26 January [5] topic

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No political challenge can be met by shopping. George Monbiot Eco-junk (2007-07-24)

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  • Studies show that people at farmers’ markets have as many as 10 times more conversations, greetings, and other social interactions than people in supermarkets. Source: Worldwatch Institute / Local needs met locally

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Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction

Grassroots green projects 'are way to low-carbon UK', Coalition of groups representing 12 million people hails localising of energy generation, but bemoans lack of state support, Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent,, 1 February [1] topic

St Peters and St Paul at Stoke

Any airport development in the Thames Estuary would be catastrophic for fragile ecosystems and wildlife, warns Kent Wildlife Trust which is prepared to fight any proposals. 24th January [2] topic, place, place

Farmers' Market

A revolution you can eat, David Boyle, 6 January [3] topic

Shaking Hands

Co-production: time to break out of the public service corral, Julian Dobson, January 2012 [4]

Up2U Participatory Budgeting event, Ashton-under-Lyne

Six steps to meaningful budget consultation, Richard Wilson, 28 December [5] topic

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