Ham Radio Network Or, Amateur Radio Network.

A Ham radio network would be a useful resource both for local, regional and worldwide communication that can survive more commonly used infrastructures like the internet and the telephone system. It is a widely in place system now and has been commonly used for emergency situations.

There are numerous networks now. At a set time, and on a given radio frequency, groups of folks will check in to the net usually coordinated by a single individual. A net can be open once a week just to keep it active.

This is just an initial start to this page. My objective with this page is to initiate at least one high frequency radio net to serve the sustainable community. There are likely to be some communities with licensed operators that have a high frequency station. Others may want to enlist a ham in the general community to check in on a sustainable net.

The following should soon be edited out: I would be willing to run a net to get it started. I live at 7000 feet in the north east of Arizona. I can make good contacts on 40 meters up through the Pacific coast and out to the Midwest. That with a long wire. I have a tower and beam to put up this summer.

Thanks, Dan.

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