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These guidelines are to keep the focus of project listings to Sustainability, Community and Current projects.

Places, projects and networks Edit

The Places, projects and networks listing is primarily for sustainability information about places (any size area from local community to the whole planet) and sustainability projects or networks by place (i.e. those which recognise the need for a joined-up or integrated approach). Projects which concentrate on just one aspect of sustainability may be better off being listed within the Ideas Bank or under Ideas Bank topic headings within a place type article.

Community Projects Edit

Please only include Projects which have some community involvement or focus. For example do not include projects which are only about government (central or local), or big business.

Current Projects Edit

The focus should be on current projects. As a broad rule of thumb 'current' means some sign of activity in the last 6 months. Whether or not to include information on past projects involves making a judgement about its significance and whether its value is likely to be lasting. Of course information about new and emerging projects is most welcome.

Project descriptions Edit

If, as well as including a Project in listings you'd like to include a descriptive page about your Project, (a sort of User page, but for a Project) for example what it does, its aims and purposes, plans, aspirations, ideas, opportunities, Wants and Offers, etc - please go right ahead and create one.

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