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One Million Gardens can change the world02:00

One Million Gardens can change the world

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BAIRA: The Floating Gardens. About 4 mins. Added: February 26, 2008
CLACC Bangladesh BAIRA - The Floating Gardens03:59

CLACC Bangladesh BAIRA - The Floating Gardens

Community-supported agriculture, September 26, 2006, about 5 and a half mins.
Community Supported Agriculture05:31

Community Supported Agriculture.

  • Starting a Community Garden – A Site Assessment Guide for Communities, By Melissa Iverson M.Sc. (Soil Science) University of British Columbia – Faculty of Lands and Food Systems, 2010, 39 pages via
  • SeedSaving1-0 (PDF file)

Random facts Edit

  • An estimated 800 million people are involved in urban farming worldwide. Source: Worldwatch Institute

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