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London’s gardens becoming less green: 57% (22,000 ha) of London’s garden land is vegetated (measured in 2006-08). But this area has fallen from 25,000 ha in 1998-99. That’s a 12% drop of some 3,000 ha, lost at a rate of 2.5 Hyde Parks per year. 8th June, 2011[1]

Shanty town, Leyton

Allotments: neighbourhood planning powers currently being trailed across the country will provide communities with a means to boost the number of sites with powers to protect existing allotments and identify new plots, say government, 7 May [2] In addition requirements for councils to provide allotments will be safeguarded as part of a wider review into reducing statutory burdens on local authorities.




  • The legal perils of 'grow your own', 27 July [3]


  • Make better use of the estimated 3,500 hectares of unused brownfield land – the equivalent size of 25 Hyde Parks – to create new community allotments, NLGN, September 14 [4]

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Number of people waiting for an allotment rises by 20% over the last year. National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners considering legal action against councils which have not met their statutory duty to provide allotments. 26 April [5]
Cut peat
Complete phase out of peat from the amateur gardener market by 2020 aimed for by campaign, 8 March [6]
Government to set up national community land bank to act as a broker between land-holders and community groups who want somewhere to grow food, 3 March [7]
Spinach in the winter
Roof garden opens at Liverpool University, 26 February [8]


  • 1,000 new allotment plots will be created on National Trust land in the next three years to give local communities the space to grow their own fruit and vegetables. February 2009 [9]The initiative comes as demand for growing spaces is at an all time high - with more than 100,000 people currently on allotment waiting lists – as people look to spend more time with friends or family, exercising in the outdoor ‘gym’ and enjoying the fresh food they can produce. Each of the new growing spaces will be created on communities’ doorsteps throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and will be registered through the new Landshare website set up by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to ‘match-make’ between keen growers and available land.

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