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Groundwork Greater Nottingham is a registered charitable trust and company limited by guarantee. It is part of the Groundwork federation of over fifty trusts located in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are committed to improving the quality of life for local people. We have been working in disadvantaged areas since we were established in 1991.

We consult with and work closely with local people to achieve sustainable improvements to local areas. We work in partnership with many other organisations to secure funding to support our work for local communities.

Our strategic direction is determined by the board of directors which is made up of local councillors, business people and individuals dedicated to improving the Greater Nottingham area.

We operate from offices located in Radford, one of the most disadvantaged parts of the sub-region. The Trust's dedicated staff are skilled in translating the aspirations of local communities into programmes and projects that make a sustainable impact on their local areas.

Visit the Groundwork Greater Nottingham website.

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