• Solar power is being used to light lawns, courtyards and streets at several venues including the Olympic Village. The National Stadium, where events such as athletics and football will be held, is being lit by a 130 KW photovoltaic system.
  • At the 400,000 square metre Olympic Village, reclaimed water from the Qinghe sewage treatment plant is being used for heating and cooling systems – around 60 per cent in electrical savings is anticipated.
  • Translucent membranes in the ceilings and walls of the National Aquatics Centre or 'Water Cube' allow in natural light, and specially designed 'beam-pipes' funnel sunlight into corridors, toilets and car parks at venues including the Olympic Green.
  • In the Olympic Media Village, at least 3,000 cubic metres of rainwater can be captured using water permeable bricks, pipes and wells installed on roofs, roads and green areas.
  • The organizers have set a target of achieving a 50 per cent recycling of waste including paper, metals and plastics at venues. A test run, carried out during the 11th World Softball Championships held last year, achieved a nearly 90 per cent recycling.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) believes the variety of clean energy and energy saving solutions employed by venue designers in Beijing provides a positive showcase and an inspiration for future Games organizers. [1]

In the second half of 2008, UNEP will publish a Post-Games Environmental Report in order to assess the impact of hosting the Olympics, with a review of air quality, transportation, energy, H2O, waste and other areas.

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  1. United Nations Environment Programme, August 5 2008

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