News UK October 2008 Edit

  • Parklands Vision of the Gateway launched to guide the development of urban parks, marshlands, waterways and green spaces in the Thames Gateway, October 10 [1]

Eight elements of the Parklands Vision Edit

  1. Water Parklands - To reveal lost tributaries, improve wetlands, revive under-used docks, canals, piers, promenades and waterfronts, and provide new river connections.
  2. Community Parklands - To improve access to green and open spaces, and the Thames Estuary, and to use open spaces to connect communities together. This could include creating pedestrian and cycle links, and setting aside areas for cultural activities.
  3. Urban Parklands - To improve and create public spaces in urban areas, such as promenades, river walkways, squares, play areas, and 'urban beaches.'
  4. Parklands Historic Environment - To regenerate historical and cultural sites to help give a clear identity to each community in the Gateway.
  5. A Connected Parklands Landscape - To connect open and green spaces together to create a continuous green link through East London, South Essex and North Kent, and to connect communities to each other and open spaces. This will include further development of the Thames Estuary Path, a continuous link on both banks of the estuary from the Isle of Dogs to the coastal path network.
  6. Agriculture as Parklands - To appreciate agriculture landscapes, enhance biodiversity and provide opportunities for local food production, such as allotments, community farms, orchards and forests.
  7. Parklands and the Eco-Region - To use Parklands to help the Gateway become the UK's first eco-region by encouraging local food and material production, by providing natural drainage, and to reduce car use by providing sustainable transport links like footpaths and cycle ways.
  8. 'One vision, a thousand projects' - To encourage local organisations from the public, private and third sectors, as well as community groups to work together to deliver the Parklands vision for the Gateway.

Aims of the Thames Gateway Parklands Programme over the next three years Edit

  • Thames Gateway Landscapes - To identify and fund two parks of regional importance to ensure a further 600 hectares of green space.
  • Thames Waterfront - To start to develop a new estuary path to run along both banks of the river.
  • Thames Gateway Squares - To work with partners to identify and start work on two or three large squares. Experience of successful overseas regeneration projects shows the importance of town squares for community identity.
  • Thames Gateway World Class Heritage - To help finance the UNESCO bid for world heritage site status for Chatham Historic Dockyard, and support improvements on other heritage sites.
  • Thames Gateway Corridors - To fund environmental improvements to some strategic transport corridors

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  1. Communities and Local Government, October 10

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