• Eco-junk, Green consumerism will not save the biosphere. By George Monbiot, July 24 [1]

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2008 Edit

  • Car billboard ads to show climate impact, June 19 [2]
  • Department for Health pouring away money on bottled water, February 18 [3]
  • B&Q to stop selling patio heaters, January 22 [4]

2007 Edit

  • Soil Association proposing changes to its standards to ensure that organic food is only air freighted to the UK if it delivers genuine benefits for farmers in developing countries, October 25 [5]

2006 Edit

  • NCC calls on supermarkets to clean up their act to help shoppers go green. National Counsumer Council, September 14
  • Margaret Beckett promises government to take a lead in helping consumers make choices which are more sustainable, May 2
  • MPs call for law to ban illegal timber imports - Greenpeace UK, January 19


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