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"The public gets what it asks for: ask for the "good stuff" and that's what they'll have to supply, Similarly, refuse to buy the "bad stuff" and the market for it will collapse. The power of the public is potentially enormous - let's use it." Bill Oddie

The term Green purchasing is used here to include not only ideas such as Sustainable consumption, Ethical consumerism, etc, but also doing (more?) with less.

Action Ideas Edit

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  • Fair Trade towns W

Img13715 other ideas
  • Procott, the flip side of boycott. A movement to support the production and purchase of earth-friendly and justice-friendly goods and services.
  • Eco-product supplies
  • Co-purchasing clubs
  • Sustainable tourism initiatives
  • Equipment sharing
  • lobbying for Government action to enforce the use of bio-degradable plastic bags by supermarkets

Related topics Edit

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A number of sources already provide links to the growing array of commercial websites. These don't need to be duplicated here.

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