Delicious when cooked soon after harvesting from a kitchen garden, allotment, community garden, etc.

Season Edit

  • UK: Jul, August, September

Ingredients Edit

  • Globe artichokes


  • butter / veg or vegan alternative
  • salt

Preparation Edit

Trim off most of the stem, then cut across the top to remove the hard and spiky bits of the leaves.

Method Edit

Boil for between 30 and 45 mins.

Serve Edit

With the butter and a little salt if desired. The artichoke is eaten by separating off a leaf at a time then dipping its base in the salted butter. When the centre is reached scoop away the thistle using a small spoon - it should separate off at its base from the more solid heart, then eat the heart.

It will be seen that the art of eating this food is in itself a satisfying and time-consuming matter which has wider implications than mere nourishment.

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