Local CO2 Mapping Takes Off (With Your Help!), John Geraci, November 29 [1]

Please Stop Talking About Global Warming, John Geraci, November 17 [2] topic

Miracle on the Hudson River

"Sales of Frozen Planet final episode - networks which haven't bought the last episode are doing a disservice to their viewers and adding their weight to a campaign against science." Ben Stewart of Greenpeace, 15 November [3] "It's regrettable that millions of viewers in the US won't be getting the full story when they watch this mesmerising series."


Traffic (are you ready?)

China’s Per Capita Emissions Could Rival U.S.’s By 2017, Report Predicts, 28 Sep [4] place

Container ship Olga Maersk

New proposal to apply a carbon price to international shipping should be at the heart of the agreement at the UN climate change conference in Durban, South Africa, later this year, WWF, 8 September [5]


Unbirthday Song

Carbon accounting system is mad as a hatter, Andrew Simms, 1 May [6] topic


British Airways Boeing 747 contrail

Tiny flight tax could raise billions to protect people from climate change, IIED, 31/03/2011 [7] Countries such as Chile, France, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger and South Korea already use a similar air-ticket tax to raise funds to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.



Climate change study of greenhouse-gas emissions for 100 cities in 33 nations, urges a broader look at cities and climate change, 25/01/2011 [8] The paper shows that emissions vary greatly depending on whether they are calculated according to what a city (or a citizen) produces or instead what they consume. topic

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