• UK Environment Secretary describes Bali Roadmap as "the most significant agreement to protect the world and its inhabitants since the Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997." "Significant agreements" also on deforestation, adaptation, technology and carbon markets, December 15 [1]
  • Climate talks brought back from the brink, but lacking substance, Greenpeace, December 15 [2]
  • Decision on climate change adaptation fund a victory for the vulnerable, IIED, December 11 [3]


  • IPCC warns of “unequivocal” climate change already occurring and that man-made global warming could lead to abrupt or irreversible impacts. However, it also confirms that all greenhouse gas stabilisation levels can be achieved with currently available technologies or those expected to be commercialised in the coming decades. “We have a choice - irreversible impacts - or an Energy Revolution. Greenpeace believes it is possible to keep the worst impacts of climate change - the extreme weather events, water crises and increased hunger - from putting millions of people at risk. This will take a revolution in the way we use and produce energy, and a strong commitment to stop deforestation worldwide.” Greenpeace, November 17 [4]


  • Greenpeace on shrinking Arctic sea ice, September 21 - [5] "The canary in the coal mine is singing very loudly now. At this rate we could see the end of summer sea ice in our lifetimes. It's well known that the loss of ice at the North pole means the Earth absorbs more heat from the sun, instead of reflecting it, and that means even more warming. And yet the world's greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. When will politicians, like our own Gordon Brown, realise this is a planetary emergency and react accordingly? As it is Britain is on the cusp on building new runways and new coal-fired power stations. It’s almost unbelievable." John Sauven. Polar ice packs


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