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June 2007 Edit

  • China now world's biggest emitter of CO2, according to new research. June 19 [1] topic
  • Only 10% of USA / UK consumers trust what companies and government tell them about global warming, Consumers also have little faith in religious figures, celebrities or the media to provide trustworthy information on climate change. They would rather seek advice from friends and family, environmental groups and scientists. June 18 [2] topic
  • Google launches RechargeIT plug-in hybrid car initiative and unveils solar installation. to fund more than $10 million to accelerate plug-in hybrid and vehicle-to-grid technology. June 18 [3] topic
  • The inconvenient truth about the carbon offset industry, June 16 [4] topic
  • Widespread warmth leads to fifth warmest spring for USA, Driest spring on record across the South East worsens drought, June 14 [5]
  • 22 per cent of the global workforce, or 614.2 million workers, are working "excessively" long hours. June 7 [7] topic
  • Sudan: Amnesty International adopts powerful technology in campaign to protect civilians in Darfur, June 6 [8] topic
  • Averting Climate Catastrophe: Green Party lays out roadmap to Canada’s low-carbon future, June 6 [9] topic
  • Is nitrogen the new carbon? Human development has disrupted the fluxes of nitrogen and phosphorus through our environment, particularly through the development and application of artificial fertilisers, in a similar way to our disruption of the carbon cycle, says a new report by Green Alliance. June 5 [10] topic
  • Urgent action needed to save the world's forests - UK Minister for Biodiversity, Landscape and Rural Affairs, June 1 [12] topic

References Edit

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