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November 2006 Edit

  • Solar water heating in New Zealand gets boost, November 23
At the initiative of the Green Party, as part of its "confidence and supply" agreement with the ruling Labour/Progressive coalition, the Government is investing $15.5 million to increase the use of solar water heating in New Zealand.
Government Spokesperson on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Jeanette Fitzsimons says that, with climate change accelerating and energy prices rising, it makes sense to use the sun to heat our water.
The programme will run for five and a half years from now, with $15.5 million allocated for the first three and a half years. Funding levels for the final two years will be decided after a review in 2009.
“Our initial goal is to double the numbers of solar water heating systems being installed,” says Ms Fitzsimons.
This will see approximately approximately 15,000 to 20,000 systems installed by 2010. Assuming this electricity would have otherwise been supplied by coal and gas power stations, the estimated CO2 savings are equivalent to getting 5000 to 7000 cars off the road. New Zealand Government

October 2006 Edit

September 2006 Edit

  • Wind power could supply one third of the world’s electricity by 2050 and 16.5% by 2020. Most importantly, wind power would save 1.5 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2020, says ‘Global Wind Energy Outlook 2006’, September 20 [1] topic

References Edit

  1. BWEA, September 20 2006

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