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The Global Climate Network is a collaboration of independent, research and policy organisations in countries key to tackling climate change. The Network is committed to addressing the constraints faced by sovereign governments in agreeing international action.

During the first week of the Copenhagen climate summit, the GCN published its second international synthesis report examining the opportunities in eight countries for job creation through the promotion of low-carbon industries. The report – Low Carbon Jobs in an Interconnected World – estimates that almost 20 million jobs could be created in its member countries in low carbon energy sectors alone. A further version of the report, with new jobs data, is due out in February (2010).

The eight national studies conducted as part of this research suggest that 19.7 million new jobs could be created by 2020.

This figure is the gross direct, indirect and (in the case of India and Nigeria) induced job creation estimates in each of the national studies. Australia 10,000; China 6.79 million; Germany 360,600; India 10.5 million; Nigeria 670,000; South Africa 845,000; UK 70,000; USA 416,600.

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Network members Edit

  • Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr), London, also acting as the secretariat for the Network.
  • Center for American Progress, USA: Founded by John Podesta, former Chief of Staff to President Clinton.
  • Research Centre for Sustainable Development, China: An institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Dr Jiahua Pan, its director, is one of 12 members of the Chinese Experts Committee for Climate Change.
  • The Energy and Resources Institute, India: Directed by Dr R.K. Pachauri, Chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
  • Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, Germany: Wuppertal Institute’s climate change work is led by Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick.
  • Vitae Civilis, Brazil. Dr Rubens Born, Vitae Civilis’s director, has had significant input into the Brazilian government’s recent climate change plan.
  • International Centre for Energy, Environment and Development, Nigeria: ICEED has expertise in climate change and energy policy.
  • The Climate Institute, Australia. Set up in 2005, the Institute is a leading Australian voice in climate research and advocacy, pioneering clean technology and investment solutions with government and business.
  • IMBEWU Sustainability Legal Specialists Pty Ltd, South Africa: An influential Johannesburg-based legal consultancy specialising in sustainability law with a strong climate change focus.

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