• IAASTD report recommends small-scale farmers and agro-ecological methods are the way forward if the current food crisis is to be solved and to meet the needs of local communities, declaring indigenous and local knowledge play as important a role as formal science, Greenpeace International, April 15 [1]


  • Converting arable land to pure fuel production a "crime against humanity", says United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, October 26 [2] topic

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  • Rice yields falling under global warming, 9 August [3]


India puts on hold first GM food crop on safety grounds, 9 February [4]


  • Environmental impact of the lifecycle and supply chain of animals raised for food has been vastly underestimated, and in fact accounts for at least half of all human-caused greenhouse gases, October 20 [5] topic
  • World's largest urban farm planned for the city of Detroit, April 2 [6]


  • The way the world grows its food will have to change radically to better serve the poor and hungry if the world is to cope with a growing population and climate change while avoiding social breakdown and environmental collapse, says International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development report by over 400 scientists, April 15 [7]
  • IIED 3 year project to gather the views of small-scale farmers, indigenous people, nomadic pastoralists, rural communities, food workers and other citizens in Mali, India, Iran and the Andean region of Latin America (Bolivia and Peru), April 14 [8]



     Both the internationally group and nations in the position have been charged of doing very little in the cause up       to this problems. Moreover, awesome meals costs have pressured meals out of range of many people, while issue   in food crisis  has improved the scenario. 

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