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Rob Hopkins "Local Food" - Book Launch. 24 September 2009, about 5 mins.
Rob Hopkins "Local Food" - Book Launch05:14

Rob Hopkins "Local Food" - Book Launch


  • Three quarters of the public would pay more for fish caught without damaging the environment, September 10 [1] topic
  • National bans on GM to remain in Europe despite UK pro-GM stance, March 2 [3] Commenting on the news, Friends of the Earth say "The Government must now stop promoting risky GM technology as quick-fix to the global food crisis and support UK citizens' desire to keep Britain GM free - there is now international recognition that small scale green farming methods can combat hunger whilst boosting local economies and tackling poverty."


  • Government sets out 21st century challenges for food in the UK, July 7 [5] Forum
  • Brown to intervene to combat high food prices and shortages, May 31 [6]

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