• Cod stocks begin to recover - politicians need to act with the greatest possible caution on this new advice, say Greenpeace, Ocotber 16 [1] topic, place
  • Government should fund popular and sustainable farming methods that are already delivering benefits, such as organic and locally produced food, rather than backing a new push on GM crops, Friends of the Earth, September 17 [2]

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  • Public unaware that most milk, dairy products and pork from GM, November 16 [3]
  • 95 per cent of more than 11,000 public respondents' to a Government consultation, are opposed to Government proposals to grow GM crops alongside conventional and organic. "It is bizarre that the Government is now talking of providing strong evidence for its proposals. It should have done this in the first place. The consultation has been a complete charade." FoE, November 8. A legal opinion for Friends of the Earth by two of the UK's leading European law specialists also found the DEFRA proposals to be fundamentally flawed and incompatible with EU law. [4]
  • Cod stocks begin to recover, but constrain catches to give young fish the opportunity to grow and to reproduce, say International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, October 15 [5] topic, place
  • Protestors pre-plant GM trial site with organic potatoes,, April 22
  • UK households waste a third of food they buy, WRAP, March 16
  • Defra statistics indicate healthier trends in food purchases. Defra, January 16


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