"Government must make it easier for food that can't be eaten by people to be fed to animals, such as schemes that link up food retailers and farmers." FoE, 15 November [1]


  • Government food vision serves up business as usual, FoE, 5 January [2]

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The People's supermarket

The People's Supermarket to open store number two in Hackney, 18 August [3] place

Calls for Camden Council to support The People's Supermarket, 3 March [4] place


  • Jamie Oliver's school dinners shown to have improved academic results, 29 March [5] topic

Wet cows on my way to work this morning
Sustainable Livestock Bill presented to the House of Commons, 23 March [6] Friends of the Earth's 2009 Early Day Motion 845, outlining the need for action to reduce the environmental impact of the UK's meat and dairy consumption, has been supported by 259 MPs.

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Local food

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