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In the United States and Canada, due in part to the increased interest in healthier foods, a greater desire to preserve local types of cultivars or livestock (some of which may not be up to commercial shipping or yield standards) and an increased understanding of the importance of maintaining small, sustainable farms on the fringe of urban environments, farmers' markets in the US have went from 1,755 farms in 1994 to 4,385 in 2006.[1], In New York City, there are currently 44 markets in operation fitting this description. Scattered across all five boroughs, each market supports farmers as far away as New England, selling produce, meat, breads, pies, cheeses, honey, and shellfish for consumption and even allot some time for seasonal items, like orders for Thanksgiving turkeys and wreaths for Christmas. In the Los Angeles area, 88 farmers' markets exist, many of which support Hispanic and Asian fare.

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