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Evon Peter is Neetsaii Gwich’in from Arctic Village in northeastern Alaska where he is the Chief for his tribe, co-Chair to the Gwich’in Council International, Chairman of Native Movement, and on the executive board of the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council. Evon is a well-recognized advocate of Indigenous Peoples rights, youth, and a balanced world, active as a speaker, strategist, writer, and organizer. He has experience within the United Nations and Arctic Council forums representing Indigenous interests. Evon holds a bachelors degree in Alaska Native studies with a minor in political science and is currently working towards a masters in rural development. (source:

Opinions on LecturesEdit

Santa Cruz 05/22/06Edit

  • Evon Peter was amazing! I would have to say he was the best speaker I saw of the ESLP lecture series this year. He was so passionate and happy to be talking with the group. The aspect about his lecture that I loved the most was that he didn't seem to be simply regurgitating information, but almost as if this was the first time he told his story. I could have listened to him talked for hoursa upon hours. Too bad it was only an hour and a half long.-Cheyanne
  • I agree completely with Cheyenne. Not only was Evon so effective because of his contagious passion for the earth and it's creations, but his message was well received by the ESLP class because he talked to us like a peer. Sometimes the goals of sustainability are intimidating, we all know it is going to take a large effort by a large amount of people, but Evon made these goals seem attainable through even the smallest impact done by one individual person. -Kat

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