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Ethical living can be seen as an offshoot of sustainable living. In which the individual takes a series of small lifestyle changes in order to limit their effect on the environment.

Taking the initial decision to start to live ethically. Can be as easy as beginning to recycle, switching off electric lights when leaving a room, buying local organic or fair trade produce. Though many people often go further by re-using/re-cycling waste water, using renewable electricity sources in their homes (solar panels), giving up the use of the family car in preference of greener modes of transport (bicycle).

Though ethical living is seen as highly comendable, Many believe that the responsibility of ethical practice should be enforced on big business, as the onus is currently laid on the individual to change the way they live in order to effect change. as these everyday changes are often insignificant in comparison to the level of potential ethical changes that large organizations or multinationals could make.

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