Estonia, officially the Republic of Estonia is a country in Northern Europe in the Baltic region. It is bordered to the north by Finland across the Gulf of Finland, to the west by Sweden, to the south by Latvia, and to the east by the Russian Federation. Estonia is a democratic parliamentary republic and is divided into fifteen counties (Maakonnad). The capital and largest city is Tallinn.

Like the mainstream culture in the other Nordic countries, Estonian culture can be seen to build upon the ascetic environmental realities and traditional livelihoods, a heritage of comparatively widespread egalitarianism out of practical reasons, and the ideals of closeness to nature and self-sufficiency.

News Edit

  • Tallinn to have free public transport from 2013, 26.03.2012 [1]
  • 50,000 Estonians clean up their country in one day, May 28 [2] topic

Village cinema Edit

Country clean-up project "Lets Do It 2008" / Teeme Ära 2008. 17 February 2009. About 5 mins.
Country clean-up project "Lets Do It 2008" Teeme Ära 200805:00

Country clean-up project "Lets Do It 2008" Teeme Ära 2008

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