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  • Mappiness, the happiness mapping app. Part of a research project at the London School of Economics: "We're particularly interested in how people's happiness is affected by their local environment — air pollution, noise, green spaces, and so on — which the data from mappiness will be absolutely great for investigating."

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  • 86% of fly-tipping (in England) takes place in predominantly urban authorities where 63% of people in England live. Source: Defra
  • The (UK) Government's Headline indicator of air pollution shows that since 1997, the number of days of High air pollution in urban areas has roughly halved from 40 days in 1997 to 22 in 2005. Source: Defra, November 3 2006
  • Parts of our cities are now 10 times noisier than a decade ago. Source: Sheffield University, 26 July 2001, see:

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  •, site includes a search to help you find your nearest group, and extensive advice and information to help you take action
  • Economic and Social Research Council, Biological alternatives to chemical pesticides, October 2008
  • Encams, the charity which runs the Keep Britain Tidy Campaign, have a number of downloadable publications available via their website, including Litter - Organising a Cleanup (PDF download 1.42Mb) Guidelines for community groups who wish to conduct a clean up of their area.
  • Noise Resource Service

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